Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Self Assessment

I did better then I thought with these blogs. The posting that I really liked was the posting titled quotes are all around us. This is because it let me choose a quote that really expressed me. Sometimes I had a hard time writing because of the simple fact that I like writing a lot and sometimes I drift off writing about something that is totally of topic. Then I would be behind on the other posting.  I did enjoy the process of the blog. I enjoyed when we wrote about things that were totally different from the last blog and I also improved my writing skills to. The blog that I am mostly proud of is the alternative energy blog because I worked  hard on it and learned a lot about the many different types of renewable energy. It was also fun learning something new. The blog I didn't really like was the music blog because I got stuck on it. I didn't really know what to write about. The grade I think I earned in this class is a 70. With this blog I will try to keep this blog growing. Before I didn't really get the idea of blogging and why it was fun to many but now I see why. It a great way to express what I learn and what I feel tored  something. I am very happy and proud of my blog.


  Many young people are making their lives more public by posting pictures of their personal life for the world to see on social networking sites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, etc. Its a bad idea considering many colleges, and employers are starting to look at these sites. The sites are even helping crime solving detectives solve cases. The sites can reflect highly on your character and thing you do or say can come back to haunt you later on. 

In an article by Eric Tucker titled Web Photos Come Back To Haunt Defendant a young man, 20, by the name of Joshua Lipton is charged with drunk driving accident where he seriously injures a women. Pictures posted up on Facebook show him attending a Halloween party dress as a prisoner. This proved the evidence the prosecutor Sullivan needed to win the drunk driving case. The prosecutor used the pictures to make Lipton look like he gave no remorse and he partied often. That he didn't care that his victim was in the hospital. the judge agreed with the prosecutor and sentenced him to 2yr in prison. Eric Tucker might have not had such a harsh sentence if not for the pictures posted up. This just made it much harder for him to convince the judge.

Article Teen Misbehave For All Online To Watch by Corey Kilgannon describes how teens are willing to posting up crazy stunts, fights, and silly jokes online to gain attention, street rep or just to be known. Three Freshman girls from North Babylon H.S. had a video broad casted on Myspace, Youtube, and Photobucket of them beating up a 13yr girl. They were arrested.We should be careful with what we post because What we do now can have an impact on us forever. If you were ever applying for college or an internship or your dream job people will look back on that an it will give them a different judgement of you because anything that gets on the internet can get into the wrong hands.

Another article called Young Women Drink, Party, Post by Elizabeth Cohen describes young women ages 18,19 and 20 posting up pictures and videos of them illegally drinking.In one of the stories described a young lady by the name of Laura age 22 a member of Facebook is now more alert. She took down a video of her self drunk after she was called in  by CNN for an interview. She then realized that the video can be viewed by anybody. She previously made changes to her Myspace when her parents told her they'd seen a video of her drinking so she made her page private so only friend could see her page. She feels thankful that her parent also saw it because it was better they seen it then an employer.

Monday, August 4, 2008


A satire is a type of writing meant to mock or ridicule by using sarcasm or insults ,with the intention of bringing out improvement. It also combines criticism with humor. One example of a satire can be South Park. This is an adult-oriented  cartoon show about a couple of children in middle school. Another similar example of a satire would be The Simpsons. This article "Advice to the youth " by Mark Twain is satirical because it criticizes the youth on how to life. The message Mark Twain is trying to deliver to the the youth is to live right don't be a trouble maker and listen to your parents. The satire delivers its message by listing the advice he gives with reason and explanation. This piece is avery successful piece. Most of what he says I agree with and I also learned a lot. I learn to obey my parent more because it true what he says. Parents believe that they always know better and know one can change that. I also agree with his idea of lying. Its better to tell the truth and be done with it. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why we lie

Why do we lie? Maybe because of fear or maybe it just a bad habit. There are many reason why we lie. One reason is fear of being rejected or losing something like a friend. They are concerned of there self image. In fear, we do this to avoid conflict. To avoid getting punished by someone, disapproval or embarrassment. Sometime we learn to lie through others. Because other do it we feel its alright and make it a bad habit. We also lie cause we predict a reaction. Maybe sometimes we think that person like our mothers will say no if you ask for a favor or permission.

I agree with each type and believe there are many more reason why people lie. Most time I do lie out of fear to avoid conflict with a loved one and even when I assume that someone would say no but I don't make it a habit to constantly lie to other. This is because cause I feel it not right this was the way I was brought up. Lies almost alway get me in trouble that way I try not to lie. Some how I almost alway get caught and it later when there twice as mad as they would have been.

I chose these picture because they both illustrate that we all choose to lie. Lying is a choice we make. Some are big and can cause damage to your reputation others are little fibsbut can still impact people jugdement. All lies have the power to change the way a person feels about you when they find out it was a lie.

Alternative Energies

In Al Gore speech , he talks about alternative energies. which meant an alternative to the use of fossil fuels. This energy is not commonly used by us and doesn't have a big impact on our surroundings. The energy is fueled in a way where natural resources are not used up. The alternative energy Al Gore suggested was solar energy, wind power, and geothermal energy. There are other alternative energy options such as biomass (the burning of living and dead biological matter)and wave power ( use of energy off ocean surface waves).

Geothermal energy is generated by collecting heat stored from within earth from underground and oceans. Geothermal idea has been used for years for the use of bathing and heating, however geothermal power began being used in the 20th century to make electricity. The first geothermal power generator tested by Prince Piero Giinori Conti on July 4 1904 in Italy. The United States has geothermal powers plant located at the Geysers in California. It the largest group of thermal energy plants in the world . Geothermal power supplies less then 1% of the worlds energy as of 2007. This type of energy is being used around the world in over 20 countries. The positives on using geothermal energy is it requires no fuel fuel. It is combustion free be cause there is no burning. It causes little pollution. There a large supply of it right here at home. Geothermal power plants are not influenced by weather changes and can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and it is renewable. Some negative effects on the environment are the construction of power plants can impact land stability in the surrounding area. In addition, hot water from the geothermal source can retain amount of hazardous material such as mercury, arsenic, antimony, etc which can then ends up flow in to a river infecting our water supply. Eventually, the geothermal source start to cool of after decades. Geothermal energy works by pumps heat to and from home to earth. The cost of a geothermal power plant would cost as low as $2800 a kilowatt. The price of geothermal power does not change compared to oil and gas because it does not depend on fossil fuel. the factors that do influence the cost of geothermal plant would be the size. The price can also be influenced by electric grids. The cost of geothermal energy is at 4.5 to 7.3 cents per kilowatt hour.

Wind power is wind energy converted in to electricity. Wind power produces 1% of the worlds energy. Countries like Denmark, Spain, Portugal,and Germany are producing this energy. These wind mills are connected to power grids. Windmills work when blowing wind spins the blades. The spinning blades turn a generator which makes electricity. Wind mills work by slowing down the speed of wind. The benefits of wind power energy is it uses free source energy. Wind power is a free fuel most of its the costs go to maintains. Purchasing wind power cost around 3 cent per kilowatt hour. The price of electricity must be high to recover the investment. The extra money pays for more wind power equipment. The price of producing wind power does not change. The positives are that there is no destruction of resources. There is no water or air pollution. It is clean and reusable. Reduces dependence on fossil fuels. It can be widely disturbed. Its also very cheap. Some negatives would how wind power has limitations. Wind machines are also very expensive. Wind power is random and is not always available. The storage of energy is also very difficult and expensive.

Solar power is energy from the sun converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar energy comes directly from the sun's radiation this is also known as Photovoltaic. Solar energy works by trapping the sun's heat using an absorbent material usually a black metal panel. Then the heat is transferred to pipes which carry of the warm water or air. The sun's radiation can also be converted to energy in solar cells. Some disadvantages are when the day are shorter the rays of the sun are weaker. The sun can be hidden by clouds.The negative impacts are toxic chemicals, like cadmium and arsenic, that are used in the production process. Environmental impacts is minor and can be easily controlled. Its more expensive then other renewable energies but cost less then most energy used at home. There is little maintenance needed and is renewable energy. Solar power is used world wide by countries such as Spain, America, Japan, and Germany . The system is expensive and the cost of solar energy is 8 cent per kilowatt hour.

I think these are way better ways of handling our crisis her in America,plus its eco-friendly.the alternatives don't have such an impact on our environment and saves us money.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gore's challege

Al Gore is an environmental activist, an author, a business person, a former politician, and a former journalist.He has served as  the forty-fifth Vice President of the United States,  from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton.

In a resent speech by Al Gore, he states his new approach to global warming and how our economy ties up with  this. The survival of United States of America is in our hands and humanity is at risk . So many things are going wrong with our nation. Our nation's economy is turning for the worst, electricity rates and gasoline prices are soaring, many people are are having a hard time, they are losing jobs, home mortgage
s are in trouble, and many business our nation depends on are at distress. Al Gore tells us senior business leaders are disgusted and are advising us that this is just the beginning. We need to make some crucial changes. 

The climate is changing and getting worse much quickly then usual. There is a 75% chance that with in 5 yrs the entire polar ice cape will completely disappear during the summer month.This also will affect the melting pressure of Greenland. According to experts one of our largest glaciers is losing about 20 million tons of ices everyday . Senior statesmen  and retired military leaders warned of national security threats that an energy tsunami will be triggered because of the loss of oil. There are unusual changes in the weather such as more tornadoes, record floods higher tempters, longer droughts, drier vegetation, and stronger fires. For every 1 degree increase in temperature, lightning will go up another 10%.  

The way our nation tends to handles this is by presenting an old solution without really taking the time to analyze the problem. Looking at these three challenges al gore saw the heart to of the problems the crisis is our dangerous over reliance on carbon based fuel. Three major challenges Al Gore talks about is economic, environmental, and national security crisis. According to Al Gore, the solution is to end our reliance on carbon based fuels. Al Gore came up with the conclusion analyzing each problem by doing this he discovered that same solution to the climate crisis are the same measurements needed to renew our economy and escape the trap of ever rising prices. It is also the same solution needed to guarantee our national security with out having to go to war in the Persian Gulf. Some fuels suggested by Al Gore to replace carbon based fuels were solar energy, wind power, and geothermal energy. The fuels are much cheaper, they don't cause pollution and they are available right here in the United States. Plus enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 10o% of the entire worlds energy needs for a full year. In addition, enough wind power blows in through the Midwest carter every day to meet 100% of U.S. electricity demands. We can start today by using solar energy to run our home and business. The challenge is to commit to producing 100% of our energy from renewable energy clean carbon free resources with in 10 years and yes this is achievable. The goal is achievable. Before it was not possible to accomplish this. Ten year is the maximum time we have to accomplish this goal. Unifying  our grid can help our struggling auto companies switch to the manufacture of plug in electric cars. It will save auto jobs and renew our car companies. It will also reducing the cost of driving a car, reduce pollution and increase the flexibility of our electric grid. Al Gore says improving our commitment to efficiency and conservation meaning accomplishment of carefully utilizing natural resources in in order to prevent consumption of a resource. CO2 tax initiative is what Al Gore believes we should pay in taxes. "pay for what we burn not what we earn"Al Gore annoces.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quotes are all around us

The quote "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."by Benjamin Franklin meant that things are not always the way that they may appear. This quote can be applied to our media. The media is always telling us how we should dress and how we should look. Magazines show us images of models with clear skin and perfect bodies but what we don't now is that most of those images are enhanced to make them look flawless and prefect.

One quote that I can apply to would be “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death"by Albert Einstein. This quote states that we should continue to learn and not stop learning till death. This quote applies to me because I believe that we never stop learning and the more we learn the wiser we become. I am able to face problem with an ease. whether it from mistakes or past experiences I am always learning.